Internet of Things


Internet of Things is a network of physical objects with embedded electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity, which enable us to collect and exchange data, to create intelligent applications and services for businesses and consumers.

Netizen delivers robust, scalable, flexible, easy-to-use, plug and play, multi-tenant and device-agnostic IoT platforms with powerful out-of-the-box comprehensive features to reduce the downtime to market of your connected IoT products and smart IoT solutions. Also, it comes with APIs such as device API and server-side API that allows you to integrate with your existing devices and platforms.


We offer the following IoT solutions

  • Energy Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Assets Management

  • Workforce Management

  • Facility Management

  • Hospital Management

  • Building Management

  • Smart farm management


There are many benefits of implementing IoT, it typically brings in significant cost savings for a company, if you want to know more

  • Benefits of implementing the IoT

  • Tips for being successful in IoT projects and avoiding failures

  • Insights into Industrial Internet of Things and Internet of Medical Things

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