Why advanced fully automated cybersecurity solution is very important for your business?.

Your employees can potentially expose your organizations to enormous amounts of cyber-attacks. It could be due to carelessly handling the sensitive data, unprotected online staging environments, falling into a trap or pitfall of phishing attacks, misconfigured security appliances, DNS servers, web-servers, outdated firmware versions, malware, and antivirus signatures, lack of strong authentication and encryption mechanism in user access control, poor password management policy, most of the time data breaches are directly or indirectly caused by user awareness issues.


However, in response to cybersecurity threats, many tech-savvy companies have implemented IT security solutions without developing mindsets of responsibility and accountability for cybersecurity among employees and making an organization and business more vulnerable to ongoing unknown internal and external security threats and cyber-attacks.

We provide the following services:

  • Network Security Assessment 

  • Penetration Testing

  • Mobile Application Security Assessment

  • Mobile Device Management Platform

  • Vulnerability Assessment 

  • Firewall Assessment

  • Security Policy Assessment 

  • Web Application Security Assessment

  • Security Policy Development 

  • Incident Response and Recovery Assessment 

  • Public Key Infrastructure Design (PKI) 

  • Authentication and Authorization

  • Anti-Virus Implementation 

  • Firewall Implementation 

  • Intrusion Detection System

  • VPN Design and Implementation 

  • Security Program Implementation 

  • Security Product Assessment 

  • Security Awareness Training

Thankfully, we have partnered with the leading providers of fully automated, managed IT Security, Cybersecurity & Endpoint Security Products and Solutions to manage your IT infrastructures and to remove the burden of monitoring security issues and ensuring rapid response to real threats.